Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brawling in McCall with Team LaxAllStars

A first blog has always eluded me in a sense that I always had good ideas and subjects to write about, but none of them were substantial for a first blog. This, however, will be substantial. For most that know me, sports are a big part of my life. From having my family own a sporting goods store to playing many sports since I can remember, it is safe to say I love sports. One sport that I have grown to love, but have only been involved in for the past decade, is the great game of lacrosse.

Starting to play lax right into college for Boise State in 2003, I enjoyed all parts of the game and the chance to compete and play with great people. I have done my best to keep playing lacrosse as much as I could through summer leagues and tournaments after my collegiate career had ended. I was excited when Jeff Brunelle asked if I would join his team, Team LaxAllStars (LAS), for the 2011 Brawl in McCall Lacrosse tournament that was held this past weekend. Although I had played in the Brawl five out of the eight years it has been in existence, I was never this excited to join a great group of guys from all over the Pacific Northwest.

Beautiful McCall, Idaho

Three key expectations were set for Team LAS a few days prior to the tournament. Those three keys to lacrosse (as well as life in general) were that of selflessness, sportsmanship, and respect. When reading these expectations that Jeff sent out, I realized that not only will this team be made up of great guys, but that I needed to rethink the way I play the game. Throughout my lacrosse career I have been known as a bruiser. I was the guy that will lay down a hit more often than not and will not shy away from the rough play and chatter that all sports have. Even prior to the tournament, my buddy Bradford sent me a tweet asking if I have read the expectations and to not get in any fights. Right then I knew I needed to change for Team LAS, the great game of lacrosse, and myself.

Just another day at the office for Boise State Lax
Team LAS started out like any new team that have not been accustomed to playing with one another as we went 0-2 against two of the tournament’s better teams in Issaquah and Bainbridge. We played hard and kept the games relatively close, but with the lack of experience playing together, we still had yet hit our stride. On the second and final day of the tournament, we were able to pull out our first win against the short-handed Palo Alto Ducks, who I played with last year and had a good time with despite few subs. Our last game of the day was against the Scallywags who were tournament favorites as they have won three Brawls in a row (one year being as Ridaho, which was the team I was part of for most of my Brawl in McCall experience). The game was a physical and hard fought game that went back and forth, but the Scallywags prevailed and ended up winning the tournament for a fourth year (Woozle-esque if you must).  It was one of the best games to be a part of (game of the tourney I would recommend) and even though we lost, I have never felt better after a loss than I did after that last game, even with my excessive competitiveness!

Yours truly playing defense vs Issaquah

I ended up playing pretty well despite changing my game to what I was accustomed to at Boise State. I never took a penalty and kept my trash talk and heavy hitting to a minimum. Team LAS finally gelled as a team on the last day and although our record wasn’t impressive, we were considered the best team to play against by our opponents as the three key expectations were clearly evident at the tourney. The 2011 Brawl in McCall was one of the best experiences I have had since getting into lacrosse. I was ecstatic when Jeff said to plan on playing on Team LAS for next year’s tournament. Now I am more determined than ever to get ready for the 2012 Brawl in McCall Lacrosse Tournament and grow the game of lacrosse!

Team LAS!

-Special thanks to Jeff and Lax All Stars for managing everything and doing what it takes to Grow The Game!

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  1. Nice work Brady. I'm excited to see what else you'll be writing about!